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We transform the innovative molecular methods and technologies together with bioinformatics data analysis into COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE.


We believe that the power of knowledge should be shared. That's why we aim to introduce our scientific skills to a wide range of professionals as well as patients in order to enhance the discovery, accelerate the development and improve the quality of life. We help you to keep up with the times and stay up-to-date using the state-of-the-art methodologies for gaining new points of view within the field. We believe in changing the world into a safer and healthier place by revealing the potential of unexplored.

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Our team of scientists and bioinformaticians works hard to implement the biological uniqueness of each individual into personalized medicine of the near future.

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MirBio was established in 2014 and started with its research and development activities devoted to improving the in vitro fertilization process. As a result of the effort, the first product - ANICODE test - has been released. Soon after, virus genome analysis became part of the company's portfolio. The ability to provide customers with the possibility of use of the MirBio technology led to further development of a scientific branch focused on providing sequencing service. The company responds to the „corona age“ by providing corona virus genome sequencing service and by qPCR corona virus detection.

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Currently, infertility affects 48.5 million couples worldwide. Due to infertility as a population-wide problem, in recent decades the number of assisted reproduction cycles carried out in clinical practice has increased significantly. Each pair is unique, and the processes of diagnostics and infertility treatment are set individually to reflect the specific needs of the infertile couple. For in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment higher number of germ cells and consequently higher number of embryos suitable for transfer to the uterus are acquired. Most of the obtained embryos are unable to nest in the womb resulting in treatment failure and necessity for repeated embryo transfers. Requirements of embryo freezing associated with possible complications (embryo damage due to freezing) and high psychological burden in patients due to unsuccessful IVF cycles belong to the dark sides of the IVF process. The trend in assisted reproduction to minimize the number of transferred embryos at once aims to reduce the potential risk of multifetal pregnancy and associated complications such as premature births, pregnancy complications, DMO in newborns and babies, etc. Selection of the most appropriate embryo for in vitro fertilization could overcome the complications and increase the success of treatment.

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The family Coronaviridae includes a large number of viruses that in nature are found in birds and mammals. Human coronaviruses, first characterized in the 1960s, are associated with a large percentage of respiratory infections both in children and adults. Scientific interest in Coronaviruses exponentially increased after the emergence of SARS-Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in Southern China. A lot of more or less dangerous viruses or bacteria emerging in recent years became part of the human environment and are associated with severe illnesses. Experts in the field state that the loss of biodiversity, mainly because of humans, is directly connected to the spread of deadly diseases like COVID-19. MirBio by providing whole-genome sequencing of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 CODE) as well as other viruses and bacteria isolates helps to elucidate the connections between natural hosts and humans, reveal the spread of the disease and determine and predict the virus evolution and circulation. Furthermore, using SARS-CoV-2 qRT-PCR test for detection enables virus load and virus genotype quick identification.

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The best way for COVID-19 diagnostics is the detection of viral nucleic acid. Currently, the method of the first choice is a test based on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) in real time. Several qRT-PCR diagnostics kits with different sensitivities and specificities are available in the market to perform this assay. In our laboratory the most precise approach using one-step qRT-PCR method is routinely established. The advantage of this approach is the speed of sample processing and high accuracy provided also by sample handling from the very beginning to the final result.

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